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Ligurian Ciappa

"Ciappa" – a typical regional product
The name "Ciappa" comes from their resemblace to the slate stone used in Liguria in the past both to build house roofs and to bake "Ciappe" on-the-go when running away from Saracen. 

It is a crispy baked flatbread officially recognized by the Italian "Gazzetta Ufficiale" as a typical regional product of Liguria. 

Our "Ciappa"
I Pani's traditional "Ciappa" is an artisanal flatbread, lightly salted, and patterned with small holes on the top surface. Along the classic version made with only 4 ingredients (i.e. flour, oil, yeast and salt), I Pani has also developed delicious recipe twists with the addition of other flavours directly in the dough e.g. olives, rosemary and other Mediterranean herbs. 

 I Pani has also created new smaller formats to make this product even more flexible to satisfy a broader range of consumers: the "Ciappina" (medium length) and the bitesize "Mini Ciappa". 

Serving suggestions
Delicious with cured meats, cheese, pates and tomatoes, but also as a sweet version topped with chocolate creams and jams.

The "Ligurian Ciappa"

Product description:
Oval crispy flatbread
MM: 190-240 L*60-85 l*3-8 h

Serving suggestion:
A blend of bread with olive oil creates a delightful flat crispy texture to enjoy as or light meal. With salami, cheese, pate, tomato as a topping, the "Ciappa" makes a perfect combination!

Best Sellers Flavours: Natural (with Extra Virgin Olive Oil) / Black olives

The "Ciappina"

Product description:
Oval crispy flatbread
MM: 120-160 L*60-85 l*2-8 h

Serving suggestion:
The smaller "handbag" size version of "Ciappa", perfect as a ready-to-eat snack when hunger strikes anytime and anywhere.

Best Sellers Flavours: Natural (with Extra Virgin Olive Oil) / Chilli & garlic

The "Mini Ciappa"

Product description:
Mini oval crispy flatbread
MM: 40-80 L*30-50 l*3-8 h

Serving suggestion:
The "Made in Italy" alternative of canapés, to be eaten topped with savoury fun combinations such as olive paté, tomato sauce, cheese... A tasty "dipping" format great for fun "Italian Aperitif" moments.

Best Sellers Flavours: Natural (with Extra Virgin Olive Oil) / Rosemary