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"Crockaccia" - the perfect "crock" in a flatbreat" 

In the enchanting medieval village of Dolceacqua, where art and history meet in Monet's paintings, a new twist on the Ligurian culinary tradition has seen the light. It is among these stones that the Crockaccia was born, the perfect combination of the sinuous and traditional shapes of the ciappa, and the crunchiness of the Ligurian crispy focaccia.

“Crockaccia”  is a crunchy baked flatbread, which name already resonates with the its main characteristics: a delightful mix between the traditional Genoese focaccia and a delicate crunchy texture, paired with the shape of our beloved Ciappa.

Our "Crockaccia"
I Pani's traditional "Crockaccia" is an artisanal flatbread, lightly salted, and patterned with the typical "focaccia" holes due to the light pressure of fingers into the dough. Our twist to a traditional recipe, with few ingredients and a blend of extra vergin olive oil for that classic Italian flavour to enjoy!

Serving suggestions
Like for all our products, "Crockaccia" is a delicious combination with cured meats, cheese, pates and tomatoes, but also as a sweet version topped with chocolate creams and jams.


Picture a day on our gentle hills, immersed in vineyards and olive trees – a picnic with your friends with the sight over the beautiful Dolceacqua. The crockaccia accompanies your rustic lunch, combining perfectly with all other dishes. A must have experience of talian lifestyle. 

The "Ciappina"

Product description:
Oval crispy flatbread
MM: 120-160 L*60-85 l*2-8 h

Serving suggestion:
The smaller "handbag" size version of "Ciappa", perfect as a ready-to-eat snack when hunger strikes anytime and anywhere.

Best Sellers Flavours: Natural (with Extra Virgin Olive Oil)