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Ciappa di Liguria

"Ciappa" – a typical regional product

In the sun-kissed land of Liguria, where the azure sea kisses rugged cliffs and olive groves sway in the gentle breeze, there exists a humble flatbread—a whisper of tradition passed down through generations: the Ciappa di Liguria.

The name “Ciappa” resonates with the ancient Ligurian dialect, evoking memories of rooftops adorned with thin slate stones called “ciappe.” These rustic tiles once sheltered Ligurian countryside houses, but were also used to bake "Ciappe" on-the-go when running away from Saracen. Their legacy lives on in the delicate flatbreads that grace our tables. 

Ciappa is a crispy baked flatbread officially recognized by the Italian "Gazzetta Ufficiale" as a typical regional product of Liguria. 

Our "Ciappa"
I Pani's traditional "Ciappa" is an artisanal flatbread, lightly salted, and patterned with small holes on the top surface. Along the classic version made with only 4 ingredients (i.e. flour, oil, yeast and salt), I Pani has also developed delicious recipe twists with the addition of other flavours directly in the dough e.g. olives, rosemary and other Mediterranean herbs. 

 I Pani has also created new smaller formats to make this product even more flexible to satisfy a broader range of consumers: the "Ciappina" (medium length) and the bitesize "Mini Ciappa". 

Serving suggestions
Delicious with cured meats, cheese, pates and tomatoes, but also as a sweet version topped with chocolate creams and jams.


Picture a Ligurian sunset—the sky painted in hues of peach and lavender. Gather loved ones around a table, ciappe in hand. Dip them in fragrant olive oil, share stories, and savor the whispers of tradition. And so, in the heart of Liguria, where the land meets the sea, the ciappe continue to weave their magic—a taste of rooftops, of ancient secrets, and of the sun-drenched soul of Italy.

The "Ciappa di Liguria"

Product description:
Oval crispy flatbread
MM: 190-240 L*60-85 l*3-8 h

Serving suggestion:
A blend of bread with olive oil creates a delightful flat crispy texture to enjoy as or light meal. With salami, cheese, pate, tomato as a topping, the "Ciappa" makes a perfect combination!

Best Sellers Flavours: Natural (with Extra Virgin Olive Oil) / Black olives

The "Ciappina"

Product description:
Oval crispy flatbread
MM: 120-160 L*60-85 l*2-8 h

Serving suggestion:
The smaller "handbag" size version of "Ciappa", perfect as a ready-to-eat snack when hunger strikes anytime and anywhere.

Best Sellers Flavours: Natural (with Extra Virgin Olive Oil) / Chilli & garlic

The "Mini Ciappa"

Product description:
Mini oval crispy flatbread
MM: 40-80 L*30-50 l*3-8 h

Serving suggestion:
The "Made in Italy" alternative of canapés, to be eaten topped with savoury fun combinations such as olive paté, tomato sauce, cheese... A tasty "dipping" format great for fun "Italian Aperitif" moments.

Best Sellers Flavours: Natural (with Extra Virgin Olive Oil) / Rosemary