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Toasted bread

"Bruschetta" - the art of toasting

In the sun-drenched hills of Tuscany, where olive groves sway and vineyards stretch towards the horizon, there exists a rustic dish that captures the essence of Italian simplicity: Bruschetta. Its name dances on the tongue, evoking memories of warm afternoons, family gatherings, and the aroma of freshly baked bread. Like so many of Italy’s best dishes, bruschetta owes its birth to cucina povera, the humble cuisine of peasants who knew how to transform scarcity into abundance. Stale bread, once destined for the trash, was fire-roasted and flavoured with garlic, olive oil and salt and other available seasonal pantry products, thus finding new life through the alchemy of toasting.
The result? Not just sustenance, but a symphony of flavors.

Our "Bruschetta"
I Pani’s "Bruschetta" starts from a long golden loaf of bread cut into slices and then toasted.

Nowadays along the classic version with olive oil, I Pani proposes combinations of flavours typical of the Mediterranean cuisine (e.g. black olives, oregano, rosemary, tomato, onion). We can also evaluate more modern, festive and eccentric recipes for example with the addition of figs and raisins.

 I Pani has also developed two smaller bitesize versions of the traditional "Bruschetta": "Bruschettina" (aka "Crostino") and "Mini Bruschetta".

Serving suggestions
Thanks to the roasting process, I Pani's toasted line bread substitutes can be enjoyed to accompany sauces and canapés for appetizers and aperitifs, but also as simple snack anywhere and at any moment of the day.


As the sun dips below the hills, casting a golden glow, gather your loved ones. Share bruschetta on a wooden table, laughter echoing through the vineyards. The flavors linger, a promise of seasons to come. And so, in the heart of Italy, where time slows and traditions endure, bruschetta remains a love letter to simplicity—a taste of sunshine, a celebration of life.

The "Bruschetta"

Product description:
Rectangular thin slice of bread
MM: 85-105 L*40-65 l*95-115 h

Serving suggestion:
Specialty dedicated to lovers of tradition: fragrant toasted bread produced to be used as a conveyor/base for a variety of toppings and spreads, such as fresh tomato and basil, Parma Ham, Gorgonzola & Nuts, marmalades and served as a starter or main dish.

Best Sellers Flavours: Oregano / Natural (with Extra Virgin Olive Oil) / Rosemary

The "Bruschettina/Crostino"

Product description:
Round thin slice of bread
MM: 42-52 L*27-37 l *7-13 h

Serving suggestion:
Produced with “strong” flavours, it is perfect as an appetizer, or as a simple snack or as a side dish for soups.

Best Sellers Flavours:
Natural (with Extra Virgin Olive Oil) / Tomato & Basil / Black Olives / Garlic & Basil

The "Mini Bruschetta"

Product description:
Mini Rectangular thin slice of bread
MM: 41-45 L*40-44 l*9-11 h

Serving suggestion:
Produced with delicate flavours, to be used as a “Made in Italy” alternative to canapés, topped with olive paté and savoury sauces

Best Sellers Flavours: Natural (with Extra Virgin Olive Oil)