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What makes I Pani stand out?

I Pani is an Italian producer certified IFS/BRC (audit unannounced) at high level, offering in the same plant 5 differents families of bakery products, both organic and conventional:

  •   •  "Bruschetta", "Bruschettina/Crostini" and "Mini Bruschetta"
  •   •  "Grissini" and "Mini Grissini"
  •   •  "Crispy Focaccia" and "Mini Focaccia"
  •   •  "Ligurian Ciappa", "Ciappina" and "Mini Ciappa"
  •   •  "Toasted Italian Focaccia"

Focused on export, our multilingual team is ready to attend to the most demanding requests.

Added Values


More than 40 years in bread making.


I Pani’s customers base includes some of the most important and demanding European retailers.


I Pani’s proposal includes shelf stable quality Italian products, along with high quality standards, continuous innovation and a skilled multilingual team to face even the most demanding customers!

Authentic Italian know-how

Real ‘Made in Italy’ products, produced without the use of moulds and with I Pani’s genuine expert Italian know-how.

Shelf Stable Products

Shelf stable products with 12 months shelf-life to facilitate storage, sale and shipments worldwide

Flexible product range

5 differents families of bakery products offered in the same plant, both organic and conventional.


Many years of expertise in private label developing ad-hoc solutions to provide a flexible and personalized approach in 3 ways: packaging, weight & recipes.

High quality raw material

Carefully selected for high quality finished products.

Clean Label

No preservatives, additives or colouring matters added.

Double baking

The bread is baked, cut into slices and baked again to create an extra light & crispy texture.

Healthy products

Our products are toasted, not fried, and produced without the use of animal fats.

Cutting-edge industrial process

I Pani’s factory combines cutting-edge industrial equipment and processes with genuine Italian “savoir faire” to keep an artisanal “look and feel” in all finished products.

Organic Certification


BRC & IFS Certifications (audit unannounced) at high level.