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Crispy Focaccia

"Focaccia" – a tribute to the Ligurian tradition

In the gentle hills of Liguria, where the sea kisses the sky, there exists a bread that transcends mere sustenance—a symphony of simplicity and flavor: the Ligurian Focaccia.

The word “focaccia” traces its lineage to the Latin “focus,” signifying cooking by a hearth or fireplace. Imagine ancient Ligurian kitchens—their stone ovens crackling with warmth, dough rising near the flames. The earliest focaccia, like a rustic canvas, was prepared just with flour, water, and salt. It was sustenance, yes, but also a focal point for families—a communal bread shared over stories and laughter.

The "Crispy Focaccia" takes inspiration from this traditional soft focaccia, prepared daily in Liguria, and particularly in Genoa where it is widely used for the traditional breakfast dipped in hot cappuccino. 

Our "Focaccia"

I Pani’s “Crispy Focaccia” is a genuine product, with very few simple ingredients, and a rich taste of olive oil and natural yeast. It is a "pantry" bread substitute, and is available in the classic flavours with olive oil and black olives along with the chickpea flour version, inspired by the traditional Ligurian farinata.

I Pani has also developed a "bitesize" version of this product: the “Mini Focaccia,” ideal as an aperitif snack or as a delicious ready-to-eat snack to satisfy customers’ “peckish” on the go anytime of the day!

Serving suggestions

Perfect both on its own and as a sider to cold cuts, cheese, vegetables and sauces. For the more creative, it is also suggested to taste these products in a "sweet" version with creams and jams to sweeten up the day!


Picture a lunch by the sea, with the gentle breeze refreshing you from the hot of the day. Gather loved ones around a table, focaccia in hand. Break it apart, share laughter, and savor the whispers of tradition. The focaccia remains a timeless ode to hearthside magic—a taste of home, of ancient wisdom, and of the scent of sea breeze of Italy.

The "Crispy Focaccia"

Product description:
Oval crispy puffy focaccia flatbread
MM: 120-160 L*60-85 l*3-8 h

Serving suggestion:
A new way to enjoy classical focaccia, discovering a crispy, puffy texture and delicate flavours that can be consumed on their own but also topped by salami, cheese, pate or tomato.

Best Sellers Flavours: Natural (with Extra Virgin Olive Oil) / Black olives

The "Mini Focaccia"

Product description:
Oval crispy mini puffy focaccia flatbreads
MM: 40-80 L*30-50 l *5-9 h

Serving suggestion:
A new bakery snack, "Mini Focaccia", with a crispy, puffy texture and made in classical and tasty flavours to enjoy anytime and anywhere.

Best Sellers Flavours: Natural (with Extra Virgin Olive Oil) / Black olives