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Artisanal Grissini

"Grissini" – A 400 years long history

"Grissini" is a rustic bakery product similar to a narrow stick of bread, invented around mid-1600s in Piedmont.

Our “Grissini”

Made with a unique “Savoir-Faire” and packaged by hand to keep their artisanal look and feel, they are produced with simple ingredients: wheat flour, sea salt, yeast and extravirgin olive oil.

Made also in a fun bitesize version as “Mini Grissini”, a mignon format that maintains the friability and fragrance of the classic breadsticks and can be enjoyed on the go at any moment of the day!

Serving suggestions

"Grissini" can be eaten as bread substitutes during the meals or in combination with cured meats, smoked fish and cream cheese as a light cocktail/party appetizer.

They are also delicious with chocolate creams and jams to satisfy the sweetest palates.

"Artisanal Grissini"

Product description:
MM: 220-240 L*10-15 diam.

Serving suggestion:
They are the true taste of classic Italian "Grissini" made with olive oil and they can be enjoyed on their own or if preferred, combined with pate, salami or ham as a tasty light starter/appetizer.

Best Sellers Flavours: Natural (with Extra Virgin Olive Oil) / Corn flour / Black Olives

"Mini Artisanal Grissini"

Product description:
Mini Breadsticks
MM: 40-55 L* 22-35 l* 13-22 diam.

Serving suggestion:
Excellent finger food option, great for dipping in pâtés and sauces, during aperitif, accompanied by cold cuts and cheeses. For the sweetest hearts, they are also delicious immersed in chocolate creams and jams.

Best Sellers Flavours: Natural (with Olive Oil)